Thursday, 3 April, 2014

The eternal Spiral

We start our journeys the day we are born (some might say restart.)
The early days are of magic and splendor
and endless hours of learning and exploring -- freely.
Then somewhere we start getting schooled!
The curiosity gets curbed and sadly over a period of time it goes to sleep -- almost into a deep coma!
So from being alive, we become the living dead!
And yet we long for eternal happiness!
We are caught in our journeys of becoming and forget our beings.
Alternatively some of us take the "drop out" route
and just meditate on our being!
Well this world is what it is
because we are who we are
and vice versa!
So is it not time to change all that?
Welcome to the world of Wonder, Wisdom, and Wealth.
When we have the sense to wonder,
We, over a period of time become wiser,
with this wisdom comes wealth –
not just monetary but of connections and of insights!
When we have the wealth we have the time
and space to wonder
and round we go
on the spiral of Anand!

Enjoy and Learn